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CT-NAELA Practice Update Current Issue

Below is the most recent issue of the CTNAELA Practice Update.  To see past editions of the CT-NAELA Practice Update, click on the Members Only button, login, and choose CT-NAELA Practice Update Archive from the drop down menu.

CT NAELA Practice Update, Spring 2017, Volume 8, Issue 1

Features in this issue:

President’s Message by Attorney Matthew T. Stillman

  1. Day v. Seblatnigg: What Powers Does a Voluntarily Conserved Person Retain?  By Attorney Joseph A. Cipparone
  2. Anatomy of Harborside v. Witte.  By Attorney Scott D. Rosenberg and Attorney Miguel Almodovar
  3. Probate Court Rejects State’s Contention That the Trustee of a Special Needs Trust Cannot Purchase a Prepaid Funeral Contract.  By Attorney Carmine Perri and Attorney Taylor Equi
  4. The Infinite Lien for Probate Fees and Estate Taxes Creates Title Problems: CBA Workgroup Drafting Proposal to Create Special Procedure for Release.  By Attorney David Craig Slepian
  5. Four Medicaid Provisions to Watch This Congress.  By Attorney David Michael Goldfarb
  6. ABLE Accounts: A Quick Overview.  By Attorney Stephen B. Keogh
  7. Applied Income and Pooled Trusts – We Can Work It Out.  By Attorney Rebecca A. Hajosy