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For the Greater Good Issue #2

December 9, 2010

Ct NAELA 12-10 Newsletter


New Legislation Increases Community Spouse Protected Amount and More!

“On May 27, 2010, Governor Rell signed into law Public Act 10-73, An Act Concerning Medicaid Long-Term Care Coverage For Married Couples. P.A. 10-73 contains two sections, the first of which increases the Community Spouse Protected Amount to that provided under federal law, and the second of which allows proceeds from the equity in a home to be excluded from being counted as assets.”

Identifying Issues that are Appropriate for Federal Court Litigation: The Use of a Spousal Immediate Annuity in Lopes vs. Starkowski

“When I first met Mrs. Lopes in early 2009, her husband had recently been admitted to a convalescent home. Mr. Lopes had a long term care insurance policy with a Connecticut Partnership policy benefit that would pay for an additional year. The couple‚Äôs assets well exceeded the Community Spouse Protected Amount, (CSPA), so she launched forth on a spend-down while the long-term care insurance paid, and she covered the difference with her excess funds.”

Report From The NAELA 2010 Advanced Fall Institute

“Blattmachr and Silverberg traced the history of technological changes from the time they began practicing law to the present. Blattmachr recommended that we rent less office space and work more on the go or at home because the need for a law library and in person meetings with clients will greatly diminish.”