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CT-NAELA Practice Update Current Issue

Below is the most recent issue of the CTNAELA Practice Update.  To see past editions of the CT-NAELA Practice Update, click on the Members Only button, login, and choose CT-NAELA Practice Update Archive from the drop down menu.

CT NAELA Practice Update, Spring 2020

President’s Message by Attorney Edward C. Lang

  1. When the AG Says “You Must Use Our Form SNT.”  By Attorney Lisa Nachmias Davis
  2. Practitioners Corner:  Laws, Rules and Practical Realities.  By Attorney Howard M. Gould
  3. From the Commission on Minimum Continuing Legal Education: Opinion 21, November 6, 2019, Ehtics/Professionalism Requirement.  Michael P. Bowler, Counsel to the Commission
  4. The VA Pension Rules:  What You Need to Know.  By Attorney Rebecca A. Hajosy
  5. CMA Pushes Forward on Harmful Waivers Despite Losses.  By Attorney David M. Goldfarb, Sr.
  6. The SECURE Act Changes Retirement Rules.  By Attorney Joseph A. Cipparone